To use your BridgeValley phone number to place and receive phone calls away from the office you need two things. 

    1. You must have the program Cisco Jabber installed to your computer or your smartphone. 

    2. IT has configured your phone number to be used with Cisco Jabber, for your computer, smartphone or both

Cisco Jabber on Computer

    BridgeValley Issued Computer

Cisco Jabber is installed on all BridgeValley issued computers that the IT Department configured. You will find Cisco Jabber in the start menu. 


    Personal Computer

Cisco Jabber can be installed and used on your personal computer. You can find the install files at the link below. You will need to use your BridgeValley credentials when prompted. 

Cisco Jabber for Windows

Cisco Jabber for Mac

Configure Cisco Jabber for calls

1. Open Cisco Jabber, Sign-in and find the phone symbol in the bottom left of the program

2. Click the Call Settings symbol and select “Use my computer for calls”

3. Once the configuration is completed you can make and receive calls from your laptop.

Test Audio Settings for Cisco Jabber

Make sure Cisco Jabber can play audio and has access to the microphone

1. Click the gear symbol in the top right of Cisco Jabber

2. File → Settings → Audio

3. Click the play button to the right of the speaker line to confirm audio playback

4. Snap fingers or speak loudly to confirm the microphone is active. The level indicator microphone to the right of the microphone icon will change based on intensity of sound. If the slider above the microphone level is used to control the volume of your voice sent to the people you are speaking with, adjust this based on feedback of caller.

5. Call your office number to confirm settings and familiarize yourself

Gear Symbol → File → Settings→ Notifications

Here you can play/select the ringtone Jabber will use when a call is received

Cisco Jabber on Smartphone

Cisco Jabber is available for install on iPhone and Android devices. Search the respective app store for Cisco Jabber. You will use the your BridgeValley Credentials to sign into Cisco Jabber. The IT Department will need to configure a phone profile based on your smartphone device. Please submit a request for IT to configure your Jabber profile. Be sure to include your smartphone type, iPhone or Android.

Cisco Jabber iPhone App Store

Cisco Jabber Google Play Store

Troubleshoot Jabber Issues

    Reset Cisco Jabber to first-time settings

  1. Using the gear in the top right of Jabber, sign out of your account. 
  2. Click the gear symbol again and find the option to reset Jabber. 
  3. Open Jabber again and if prompted enter your full email address. Otherwise use only use your FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME in the username field. 
  4. Enter your BV password and click Continue
  5. Verify if issue is resolved or still present. If still present, please contact IT for further assistance. SUBMIT IT TICKET