Uploading Video to BV Streaming Server



Once you have completed your video (in*.avi;*.flv;*.mkv;*.mov;*.mpg;*.mpeg; *.mp3;*.mp4;*.mts;

*.m4v;*.wav;*.wma;*.wmv format) log into your blackboard course where you want the video to appear.

Click Build Content> Item



In the Create Item window type the name of the video, this is what the students will see.



On the TEXT bar where all of the tools are displayed you may only have one row of tools available, you must correct this before continuning.


Once the three lines of tools are revealed select the down arrow beside of Mashups> Choose MEDIAL from the list of choices.


Please note the maximum allowed upload size is 5.00 GB Allowed file extensions:



Click Upload 


Navigate to the location of your video, select it, and click open.


Click Next


Fill out Title and Description and any Tags you make like to make it easier to search for in the future and click Next.


This screen will allow you to add a text file for ADA compliance. You can use the following formats.

*.doc;*.docx;*.gif;*.htm;*.jpg;*.mp3;*.pdf;*.ppt;*.pptx;*.swf;*.txt;*.xls;*.xls x;*.zip

If you do not have a text file click next.


Select an image to use with the video and click Next


The final screen is the confirm. Once you click Next you will go back to the Item window.


In the item window, you will see the video, click Submit.