Using Microsoft Teams in Blackboard

Create MS Teams Meeting Links in Blackboard


Log into the course and go the Start Here Page, from the Tools drop-down menu select More Tools

 From the More Tools menu, select Microsoft Teams


From the Create Link: Microsoft Teams window Name the link, go with the defaults and click Submit.

The link will appear at the bottom of the page.




This creates a link to MS Teams webpage. This is where you go to create meetings.



 Click the Link and select Sign In Window


From the Create Teams Meeting Click Create Meeting Link



Name the meeting and set the date and time. Select Create


 Click Add to Calendar and Ok for the popup message 


When clicking Add to Calendar, the meeting will be added to the Blackboard Calendar.

Upon returning to the Start Here page, the meeting will appear at the very top of the page. You will need to modify the link to make it work properly.

Click on the action link beside the Meeting Name to get the pop up menu and select Edit


On the Edit Link page scroll down and click Yes in the Open in New Window option.

 The meeting will be unavailable to students until the time and date of the meeting.

Please contact the Blackboard Specialist if you have issues with using MS Teams in Blackboard.