This guide was created for the individuals who will be responsible for maintaining parts of the BridgeValley Intranet. Those managing the Intranet will need permission to do so. If you do not see an edit button on your Intranet Site please submit a request to the IT Department to grant the appropriate permissions. 

News Web Part

The News web part allows the dissemination of information about events and updates from your area to the rest of the collage. News items from each SharePoint Intranet site are automatically aggregated to the main SharePoint Intranet landing page.

Below are steps to use the basic functions of the New Post web part. If you are interested in what else the web part can do please see this link.

    Add item to News web part

Locate the News web part, click + Add in the News web part, two options are available, News post or News link. 

    News post

News posts allow you to create a page of content that includes text, files, video or any other web part. You can use a blank post and build what you want or use a built-in template to give your post some flare from the start. The key here to explore the options to see what works and looks best with the content of your News post. Once you have named your News post (1) and entered text for the body (2) it is ready to publish. You can choose to turn on comments for the post if desired (3). Click Post news in the top right to add the News post to the Intranet site. (4)

Add Web part to News Post

If you have created a News post you have the ability to add any web part to the post. For example if you want to add an image to the News post you will need to use the image Web part. You can add web parts by clicking the plus sign under the text web part. Basically this appears between the sections on the News post. With this feature you can add any Web part that is available on the intranet page into your News post. 


News post can have multiple sections and columns to allow easy organization of text, images, or other web parts. To add, change or delete sections and columns you will need to use the editing buttons on the left side of the news post. If you do not see the buttons, click the gray/white area on the left edge of the page to reveal them. 


    News link

News links allow you to create a post from an external website.(1) This option automatically pulls the thumbnail (2) and description (3) from the link you enter. When users clicks the post created from a News link they will be taken to that website.   



    Delete News post/link

You can delete any News post by going to the Pages section of the intranet site. If you do not see the pages option just add "/sitepages" without the quotes, to the end of the URL of the site you want to delete the News post from.

  • Look through the list for the name of the post you wish to delete and hover over it. 
  • Click the three vertical dots to the right of the post name and select delete from the menu.


The Intranet sites have document libraries. This is where college wide documents can be stored for easy access by any BridgeValley employee. It is best to create an organizational structure that is easy to understand and uses as few clicks to get to the document as possible. It is highly recommended that all files are uploaded as PDFs. This is to allow for ease of viewing. If the file needs to be filled out by the user, make the file a fillable PDF or upload the original file so it can be downloaded and filled out by anyone that needs it. 

Files can be dragged and dropped into the document library from the browser, dragged and dropped from the synced OneDrive folder, or created newly from the New drop down menu.

Sync Document Library with OneDrive    

Syncing the document library with OneDrive allows one to use Windows File Explorer to manage the files in in the SharePoint Document Library. This can be done with any SharePoint document Library. This requires OneDrive client to be installed.

  • Open the document library you wish to sync. 
  • In the ribbon above the document library locate and click the Sync button
  • You will be prompted to open Microsoft OneDrive 
  • If you have not signed into OneDrive before then use your BV credentials when prompted.
  • You can not access SP files in Windows File Explorer



Quick links

Quick links is another web part that allows you to link to pictures, documents, other SP sites or even external sites. 

To add links to the Quick links web part you must put the site page into edit mode first. The edit button is found on the right side above the page scroll bar. 

  • Locate the Quick links web part and click the Add links. 
  • Select the option for the link you wish to create. In this example, From a link was selected and the link entered into the field and Open clicked.
  • Enter a title and choose to use an auto-selected thumbnail or upload a custom thumbnail (1) or allow the system to auto-generate one. Enter alternate text if you like. (2) This is displayed when a user hovers their mouse over the link. 

To change the order of the Quick links make sure the site is in edit mode and select the link you want to move. Use the 4 arrow button to move the link(s) to the order you want. 

To delete a Quick link make sure the site is in edit mode and select the link you want to delete. Click the trash can button to delete the link. 

To edit a Quick link make sure the site is in edit mode and select the link you want to edit. Click the pencil button to edit the link name and URL, picture, SP Site etc. 

Click republish in the top right once your changes are complete.

If you want to save your work but not make it public you can save a draft by using the button in the top left the page when editing. 

Add Events Calendar

The Events web part is a great way so let visitors of your Intranet site to know what is happening in your area of the college. 

If you would like to add this to your Intranet you will need to have the site in edit mode. 

  • Once in edit mode you will need to navigate to the section of the site you want to add the event calendar
  • Between the web parts (news, Quick links, documents) or below web parts you will see a button to add more web parts. 
  • Once the Events web part is added click the pencil icon on the Events web part to edit the initial settings. Source, Events List, and Category should be left the defaults
  • Change the date range and layout to fit your needs. Same for how many events show at a time
  • Click Republish 

    Add Events

  • From a site that is not in edit mode find the Events web part and click add event 
  • Fill out the Add Event form and click Save in the top right