These directions will only work if you are connected to the BridgeValley network, either locally or via Cisco AnyConnect VPN. 

If off campus, connect to the VPN. Directions to do so can be found here. 

You are ready to connect to your desired network share. 

  1. Click “Go” on the top menubar (make sure no program or window is selected. Click an empty part of the desktop)
  2. “Click connect to server…”



3. Type in the address of your desired network share. Contact the IT Department to get the folder path for your desired network share, i.e. Advising Folder, Faculty Evaluations, S Drive. Be sure to put smb:// before the path the IT Department gives you. Do not use backslashes "\\"

4. Click the plus sign to add the address to the favorites list. 

5. Click “Connect” 


6. You will connect as a “Registered User” and the name will be “bv\FIRST.LAST_NAME” with the password that is used on your BV email

7. Select the check box to remember the credentials to your keychain 

8. Click “Connect”




Easy as that! You can go back to “Connect to Server…” to see a list of saved connections whenever you need to connect to a network share.