Password self-service allows you to recover access to your BridgeValley account without having to contact the IT Department. This can be completed from any computer or device with Internet access at any time.

For this feature to be available to you, registration needs to be completed. Simply go to the Office 365 login page and login. If your account is already logged in, you will need to log out and back in to complete registration. 


On the next successful login, you will be prompted to complete setup. This step is required to access the account.

You will be asked to set up recovery methods. Only one is required, but it is recommended to set up both in case one recovery method is no longer available, for example a changed cell phone number. For the email option be sure to use a personal email account, not your BridgeValley email.

For each recovery method, you will be asked to verify that it belongs to you. A code will be sent. Simply enter the code in the appropriate field and follow the prompt to verify the recovery method.

Once the recovery methods are verified, click finish. Now you will be able to reset your account password without having to contact BridgeValley IT.