Your BridgeValley student email account is configured to use Microsoft 365 as the identity provider. When you enter your student email into a Google login page you will be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Please enter your student email again and the password is what you have used to access the MyBridge Student Portal. 

Browser Login

Sign into the MyBridge Portal. 

Select Student Email


iOS Device: 

Select Google when adding a new account. 


Click Continue

Enter your student email. You will have to enter it twice. Once at the google login page. When Google detects the account as a BridgeValley account you will be redirected to the Microsoft login page. Enter your student email again here.

 Then you will enter your password.

 Android Devices

When adding a new account you will need to select Google. You will be prompted for your email address, please enter your full BridgeValley student email address. You will be notified that the Microsoft Login page will be next. Once you enter the email address click next and enter your password you used to access the student portal.