The steps below covers how to change the speed dial numbers on your Cisco IP phone. The Cisco 8861 is configured with 5 speed dials on the right side of your phone screen. Each button matches speed dial number 1 - 5 top-down.

The link to the Cisco Self Care Portal is located on the Operations Intranet Page. The image below shows the link icon.

Once at the login page use your BridgeValley credentials to access the portal. 

After logging in you will see a list of phones that are configured for you. 

Find and click the gear on the one that says "Cisco 8861 - YOURFISTNAME.LASTNAME". 

Select Settings

After the phone settings page loads, click the arrow to the left of Speed Dial Numbers to expand that section. Use the Add New Speed Dial link to create your phone speed dials. 

Referencing the image below, red numbers 1-3, enter the information for your speed dial. 

  1. Enter the extension or phone number to call. If using an outside number, you will need to enter 91 before the number. 
  2. Enter the text that will show on the phone screen for that speed dial. 
  3. Enter the position that sped dial will take on the phone screen. Position 1-5 top-down. 
  4. Click save and repeat for the remaining speed dials if needed. 

The changes should take effect within 10 seconds of clicking save.