Print to Bizhub Printers that Require Secure Print


Secure print is required on all printers that are in areas where print jobs could be left unattended and accessible to the public. Secure print is a printing process that will allow a user to send print jobs to the printer and print the jobs while at the printer. This will mitigate the risk of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) falling into the wrong hands.


The secure print process is two parts, the first is on the computer and the second is at the physical printer. This guide will cover the steps to enable secure print on your computer and how to access the secure print user box on the printer.


Configuring Secure Print on Computer

1. Open Printers and Scanners and locate the printer in the list.

  1. To open Printers and Scanners, click the Start Menu and search for Printers and Scanners

2. Locate the printer that you want to use Secure Print with, Click the printer name and click Manage.

3. Click Printing Preferences on the Window that opens.

4. While on the “My Tab” tab of Printing Preferences, scroll down and select the Secure Print option from the Output Method dropdown box.


5. If the User Settings window does not appear after selecting Secure Print, click the button underneath the Output Method dropdown box. This is where you will create a unique login that you can use to access your print jobs sent to the printer. Enter an easily remembered Document ID and password that only you know. Remember this is simply to allow print jobs to be completed at the printer. You will enter this information in Section B step 4.

  1. Document ID – Easily remembered and typed. Ex. “amillner”
  2. Password does not need to be complex, Ex. - “4cats”
  3. Click OK

6. Ensure Secure Print is the selected Output Method and Click Apply and OK.


Now any print jobs sent to the printer will only print once released using the DocumentID and Password at the printer.


At the Printer

1. If applicable, enter the credentials to access the printer menu. Please note, this credential is what you use to access the printer and will be different credentials than your secure print Document ID and Password.

2. Press the User Box button on the bottom row.

3. Press the System button on the left side of the screen. Press the Secure Print button.

4. Enter the Document ID and Password created in Section A step 5 for the Secure Print function.

5.After logging in, all print jobs sent via Secure Print will be displayed. Select the jobs you would like to print and press Print on the right of the screen.

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6. Set any finishing options and press the Start button start the print.