All BridgeValley accounts have access to 1TB of cloud storage on their OneDrive account. OneDrive is a great tool that can be used to back up and share important files. This guide will show how you can upload files to OneDrive and easily share those files with other members of the organization, including students.

There are two ways you can save files to your OneDrive account. You can either save them to OneDrive inside File Explorer or go to and access the web browser version of OneDrive. Your files will be available from either location regardless of where you choose to save them.

Saving files to OneDrive in File Explorer:

*Skip to step 4 if already signed into OneDrive.

1. Start by going to your Windows' start menu or search box and search for "OneDrive", click on it once found.

2. When prompted, enter your BridgeValley email address and then your password.

3. Next you will need to follow the instructions to choose your OneDrive folder. There should be an option to "use this folder", select that option if available. If not, you will just need to create one.

4. You will now be able to access your OneDrive folder from your File Explorer. Everything saved to this folder will be uploaded to OneDrive. You will have access to all data stored here from any device that you can sign in to. 

5. To share one of these files/folders, simply right-click and choose "Share".

6. You will be prompted to specify who you would like to share the file/folder with. Please choose the appropriate person(s) and then select whether you would just like them to view or be able to edit the file/folder.

7. Lastly, you will just need to press "Send" to share the selected file/folder. The person(s) you shared the file/folder with will now be able to access it from their OneDrive.

Saving files to OneDrive in web browser:

1. Access OneDrive in your web browser by going to

2. If prompted, log in using your BridgeValley credentials.

3. From the homepage, click the 9 squares in the upper-left hand corner, then click on OneDrive.

4. You will now be on the homepage of OneDrive. Click on "my files" in the left pane to upload files/folders to your OneDrive.

 *Notice how the files/folders here are they same as the ones listed in my File Explorer.

5. To upload files, simply click upload > files or upload folder.

6. Select the files or folder saved locally on your computer that you wish to upload. 

7. Click open and then your file/folder will appear inside of your OneDrive.

*It is important to note that depending on file/folder size, this may take some time to upload/sync

8. If you wish to share a file/folder, right-click on the item you wish to share, and then click "Share". From here, follow steps 5-7 in the "saving files to OneDrive in File Explorer" section.