Due to the cloud storage limits that Zoom has imposed, employees should be saving their recordings either locally to their computer or to OneDrive. This guide will explain how to do both.

1. Start by opening your Zoom desktop client. 

2. Once signed into Zoom, click on your profile in the top-right hand corner of the application, and then click settings.

3. On the left hand side, you will see "Recording" listed as a setting, please click it.

4. You should now see all the available settings you can set for your recordings. The setting to focus on is at the very top where it says "Store my recording at:". Click change to choose the location you would like to store your recordings.

*In my example here, I created a folder in my OneDrive called "Zoom Recordings" so the recordings will be saved there. The recordings will then be uploaded to OneDrive and not take up local storage space.

You can find more information or uploading to OneDrive and sharing OneDrive files here: How Do I Upload and Share a File in OneDrive?

5. Once you click ok, you will be all set and your recordings will now go to the location specified in step 4.