1. Open Outlook.
2. Then on the Navigation bar, choose People.
3. Then select HomeNew Contact List.
4. In the Contact List box, type the name for the group.
5. Next, select Contact ListAdd Members.
6. You can select an option from the following three ones:
  • Select From Outlook Contacts.
  • Select From Address Book.
  • Select New E-mail Contact.
7. Double-click each name you want to add to your Contact Group. You should see the names appear at the bottom of the dialog box.
8. Then click OK to continue.
9. You can also manually enter names to the Contact Group that aren’t already in your Outlook contacts by clicking Add Members and then choose New E-mail Contact from the drop-down menu.
10. After that, click Save & Close to execute the changes.
Once all steps are finished, you have successfully created a group in Outlook. If you want to create many Contact Groups, you can repeat those steps. Just be sure to give them names that you will be able to recall so you can add them to email messages.