To access OneDrive (after you install the Microsoft Apps):

On the bottom left, (the search bar beside the window icon see image below) search for OneDrive.

Open OneDrive, you will be prompted to login (see image below). Use your BridgeValley student email:

Once you sign in with your BridgeValley student email you will see this:

OneDrive will have a default location for your OneDrive, but you can always change the location if you choose to do so, by selecting "change location" in blue at the bottom.  

Select next and finish setup.

Once you finish setup, you will see a "blue cloud" icon on the right bottom on your start bar (see image below) this is where you will access your OneDrive folder and files.

Click on the "blue cloud" icon and you will see a menu (see image below - the image on the right) and click on "open folder". Once you open folder, you will see another pop up (see below - the image on the left). You'll see OneDrive - BridgeValley Community and Technical College -- That is your student OneDrive folder.